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Ms. Mundy, who owns two Vietnamese restaurants called Bà & Me, opened a third location in Mountain Dale. Forthcoming are a coffee shop and bar, a high-end restaurant (Ms. Mundy said she has had discussions with a Michelin-starred chef), a wine shop and a bookstore. “I felt that energy, that promise that this town would work,” she said.


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Ba & Me in Honesdale is a delightful little cafe serving authentic Vietnamese food.  In Vietnamese, Ba' means grandmother and Me means mother. The owner Nhi Mundy, took her mother's and grandmother's recipes from Vietnam and used them for her menu items.  Jackie stopped by and learned how they prepare their signature Lemon Pork Sandwich.


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The food industry never held any particular fascination for Nhi Mundy, whose Vietnamese take-away counter in the hamlet of Callicoon, New York, serves one of the most spirit-lifting lunches on the Delaware River. She’d grown up in the restaurant her parents opened when they immigrated to the United States.

Photo: Erin Lindsey

Photo: Erin Lindsey


There’s not much going on in North Branch’s main street—there’s quite literally no other businesses—but the nearby towns are worth a visit. Callicoon is a picturesque river town with a few blocks worth of thrift and antique stores that are all worth popping into. While you’re there, don’t miss lunch at Ba & Me, a yummy Vietnamese take-out window that has a few tables on the sidewalk.



Images of scuzzy heart-shaped tubs may come to mind when thinking about the Poconos, but look past that clichéd reputation and you'll find Pennsylvania's best mountain retreat, replete with scenic winding roads, quaint towns, and refreshingly diverse dining options. Honesdale, the epicenter of new-school eating in the mountains, has Ba & Me, which elevates Vietnamese fare.


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Man, do I love Nhi Mundy. Let me just start by saying that half-way through the shoot she whipped up a lunch that my dreams are made of: gnocchi in an olive oil & garlic sauce with a touch of sage, the freshest Greek salad I’ve ever laid my eyes on, and a small side of kalamata olives because, come on, everyone loves a good, salty kalamata olive. 


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Who knew the town of Callicoon could produce a bowl of rice noodles and lemongrass pork that holds its own against any I’ve tracked down in Manhattan? Nhi Mundy grew up working in her parents’ Vietnamese restaurant before becoming a designer. 


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A lack of authentic ethnic food is an all too common complaint from urbanites now living the country life. A decent taco or souvlaki suddenly becomes the holy grail worth traveling great distances. So it's no surprise that Nhi Mundy has attracted such an enthusiastic clientele at Bà & Me, a growing chain of Vietnamese restaurants in Callicoon, New York, and a newly opened café just across the border in Honesdale, Pennsylvania.

Photo: Cedric Angeles

Photo: Cedric Angeles

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Nhi Mundy dusted off her family’s best old recipes when she moved to upstate New York and opened Bà & Me. The lemongrass pork that tops her noodle bowl is a secret family recipe, but we think this flavorful variation is just as delicious. 



Enter Nhi Mundy, editor-in-chief of DVEight, chef at Bà & Me, and, in the latest of her many roles, town curator. Mundy, who runs two other outposts of her sunny Vietnamese eatery in the greater NY area. After hearing the idea from Resnick, Mundy, with her creative background, signed on to help with the town’s marketing, and eventually opened up shop.



Trendsetter, culture curator, force to be reckoned with—Nhi Mundy is the brains and brawn behind not only three Ba & Me locations, but also the Sullivan County-centric lifestyle magazine DVEIGHT. A Vietnamese-American, Mundy seeks to recreate the good, honest Vietnamese home-cooking of her childhood.

Photo: The New York Times

Photo: The New York Times

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Nhi and Michael Mundy — who left the city after their apartment was flooded during Hurricane Sandy — launched a small newsprint gazette, DVEIGHT, this past summer out of Jeffersonville. It offers up charming portraits and interviews with everyone from farmers and beekeepers to familiar fashion names such as Daryl Kerrigan.

Photo: Erin Lindsey

Photo: Erin Lindsey


The food scene in Honesdale puts other small towns in the region to shame. For lunch, sister cafés Bà & Me and Emma are both excellent and share a kitchen between their two small dining rooms. Bà & Me serves fresh, elevated Vietnamese; think noodles, rice bowls and sandwiches.