Nhi Mundy was born in Vietnam and immigrated to America with her parents after the Vietnam War. She grew up working at her parent’s restaurant in rural Kansas before relocating to New York City. In 2012, she and her husband left the city to live full-time in the Catskills. It was then that Nhi felt the lack of healthy, ethnic food options in the area and was inspired to create Bà & Me. 

“The food of my childhood has nourished my entire life. I wanted to offer what my own family has had—simple, fresh, flavorful food—to others. Thus Bà & Me was born. Although the name sounds like the Vietnamese sandwich bánh mì, the words were chosen to honor my family. Bà in Vietnamese means grandmother and Me means mother. Bà & Me is dedicated above all to my mother who is responsible for many of the recipes and to my late grandmother, who instilled in me a deep appreciation for country living.”